Nail polish boxes can be styled in many ways to appease customers. With the increase in the demand for aesthetics, there has been an increase in the demand for beautiful nail polish boxes. A nail polish box is an ambassador for the nail polish packaged inside. Therefore, it needs to be presented in a manner that helps the customers in picking that specific product. 

Your nail polish boxes can help you with better and desired sales for many reasons. A few of them are listed for you:

Various Designing Options

When you are going for customisations, you can have various design options. One of the ways is to go for the trends customers are looking for these days. One such example is choosing minimalism in your packaging designs. You can achieve it by using monochromes and simple prints on these boxes. 

Embossing and debossing are the ways to enhance your packaging boxes. You can add these styles to your boxes and brand’s logo to create an impact on customers. Moreover, with the nail polish subscription box, you can engage your customers with your brand.

See what is their favourite colours these days. Are they prefer pastels or flashy colours? You can go for one of these or, better, both to attract audiences. Another edge you will get with customisation is that you get to decide what price you will be paying. You can control your purchasing price through these added prints, designs, and add-ons. 

Many packaging companies provide good options in terms of wholesale purchases. You can also use these to your advantage and save money from that part.  

Increase Product’s Visibility

Choosing the correct nail polish box will help with the product’s visibility. This includes choosing the material as well as the designs on the product in a prudent manner. There are many types of packaging boxes you can choose to create products’ visibility. 

When there is good quality packaging on the shelf, it also indicates a good quality product. Therefore, you must look for only better-quality packaging. This includes using one of the following types:

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Kraft Boxes
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Rigid Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

These boxes can be used as outer packaging for your nail polishes. A nail polish box must be sturdy, and these boxes offer that. However, they are not a great option if you ship overseas through your online business

The wear and tear of these boxes are shallow and provide minimal protection to the product in such cases. 

You can choose cardboard custom nail polish boxes when selling through your shop and to retailers where there is not much traveling required. 

Cardboard boxes are an affordable solution and thus help save a lot of money. They are also a sustainable solution which can be an added benefit. 

Kraft Boxes

You can also use kraft boxes for your nail polish in various ways. Kraft boxes come in brown naturally, and you can use that brown colour for an eco-friendly look. 

However, if you are looking forward to more flashy and funky designs, you can use bleached kraft boxes with many colours. 

Kraft boxes can be customised in various shapes as well. Your nail polish boxes can have window panes for a better product view.

Another way to use these kraft boxes is to use different finishing codes on your packaging. A glossy look on the packaging will add a nice shine to your nail polish box, and customers will surely buy more products from your brand. 

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

When looking for more protection and safety, use corrugated cardboard boxes. These boxes are an advanced cardboard box form that uses an extra corrugated flute layer. If you are an online brand or planning to ship your products to retailers in other states, use corrugated cardboard boxes. 

These boxes have good wear and tear resistance and provide optimum protection against water and other harsh environmental conditions. 

You can customise these boxes in many ways to your advantage. Look at the trendy designs and seek the assistance of the packaging company you have contact with. 

From single wall to triple, you generally have three types of corrugated boxes. And with each box, another layer of the corrugated flute is added for more protection. A single wall has one corrugated flute with the least protection, whereas the triple wall has three layers of flute with the most protection. 

You can have these boxes in many colours and designs. You can choose a minimal look using one colour and small prints on the boxes to attract a large audience. Use occasion-specific packaging like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. 

Rigid Boxes

Is there a specific occasion around the corner? Well, if yes, then use this premium-looking packaging called rigid boxes. These boxes provide optimum strength and protection and add a royal look to your packaging. 

Most people look forward to gift nail polishes; your rigid boxes will fit like the last jigsaw piece. 

Rigid boxes serve the purpose of a royal look and will consequently help in customers’ loyalty. If you want your customers to turn back and make more purchases, try switching your nail polish boxes from standard boxes to customised rigid boxes. 

These boxes will bring out the lavish look as promised, providing what many customers are looking forward to; a chance to give the perfect gift to a loved one. 

Rigid nail polish packaging boxes also speak for the brand. Your brand will be known as one of the tops trusted brands if you use rigid boxes because customers know rigid boxes ensure safety and are sustainable. 

These boxes are a bit pricey, but if you are using custom nail polish boxes buying from wholesalers, you can lower the prices to a considerable amount. 

Better Customer Engagement

Customised nail polish boxes can help with better customer engagement. Here’s how. When you use the suitable customisations that your customers demand, it is at that point that you create better customer engagement. Your customers look forward to beautiful and sturdy packaging. 

With the help of quality packaging, you can engage customers in purchasing your products. Using the trending designs and colours 

Repeated Purchases

You see a brand with loyal customers who come for repeated purchases and wonder what their secret is, right? The answer is simple; they are providing their customers with magical products and packaging that satisfies them. What’s more impressive is that you can do the same with just a little help from custom nail polish packaging. 

Custom nail polish boxes are correctly used and can benefit from repeated purchases. You know customers will turn towards you when they know what quality you are providing. 

Step up your game with better quality packaging if you want customers to come back to you. Many packaging companies look forward to helping brands like yours achieve repeated purchases. They have professionals who help you decide the suitable material, size, shape, and even designs for your nail polish boxes.

Creates Shelf Impact 

Good packaging is bound to create a shelf impact. Imagine you enter a shop where dozens of nail polish boxes are on one shelf, all of which are in the same colour. That does put you in a frustrated mood, right? Because sometimes all you need is the packaging to tell you which colour nail polish is inside. 

Therefore, you can be that brand that helps customers in their last-minute purchases. No one has the time to skim through thousands of black packaging boxes just to get the aqua blue nail polish they want.

One way is to use the exact colours of nail polish on the packaging boxes. This helps in shelf impact as customers will know the product they are looking for is in front of their eyes. 

Another way is to add small window panes to let customers see the nail polish bottles. You can also use the white packaging to lure customers to your brand. 

Sustainability is the key issue these days and can be solved if brands try to work differently than in previous times. You can use sustainability as a good option for your desired sales. Many customers look forward to sustainable packaging, and using this in your nail polish is an advantage. 

You can use plant-based ink on your nail polish boxes for better decomposing since petroleum-based ink is a little stubborn in such matter. Customers, when knowing the sustainability, will rush to your brand for sales. 

Summarising The Discussion

You can avail many advantages if you go for custom nail polish boxes. From better customer engagement to good sustainable options, you can have many benefits. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a good packaging company and design your custom nail polish boxes today.